During Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press interview with Joe Biden this morning, the CNN anchor pushed out a big lie and then suggested Trump has blood on his hands. This is how the media can pass off propaganda that then gets passed on to millions of people. The truth is President Trump was aggressive with his response to the coronavirus in January!

Infuriating, Rage-inducing media gaslighting:

Chuck Todd asks if Trump has “blood” on his hands for “slow Coronavirus response”

In January, Trump was banning China travel, creating China Virus task force, media was calling him racist & frothing Impeachment.

The media is in full meltdown mode when political hacks like Chuck Todd go this far. Biden didn’t even take the bait on that question.

Perhaps Chuck Todd should be asking the Chinese government the question.

Remember that the WHO said no person to person spread of the coronavirus:

Is the media at fault?

A screenshot of different news articles that said the coronavirus was no big deal:

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