France’s armed police officers were at least prepared to handle the terror attack after shooting the terrorist, thereby preventing any further acts of terror by what police believe to be a lone wolf incident. Many questioned the how the UK can effectively deal with terrorism when their law enforcement officers are unarmed, like in the most recent attack in London where unarmed police officers were seen running away from the scene of the crime, and citizens were forced to use chairs to protect themselves from terrorists with knives…

A man with a hammer bashed a police officer in the head outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Tuesday, in an attack that investigators called an act of terror.

The wounded officer fired twice at the hammer-wielding man in the square in front of the cathedral, French police told Fox News. The attacker was hospitalized; the specific conditions of both men were unclear.


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Police can be seen here rushing to terror scene:

Visitors to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral are trapped inside until police can clear the scene:

The French interior minister said the suspect had been threatening several policemen and passersby at the time.

Paris has been under high security after a string of Islamic extremist attacks in recent years.

The French U.S. embassy alerted American citizens to “avoid the area and follow advice of authorities” following the incident.

On social media, people reported that they were “trapped” in the cathedral for an incident outside. One person in the cathedral said officers instructed them to “raise their hands.” Later in the day, they said officers were starting to let them out. –FOX News

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