The slippery slope continues…College Park is just the latest city in Maryland to propose that illegals be given the right to vote in local elections. If you’re NOT outraged by this, we’d love to know why not. Once you start allowing non-citizens to decide on anything within your city, doesn’t this preclude the legal citizens from receiving their lawful voting rights?

This is not unconstitutional but it is unAmerican!

College Park, Md. is weighing whether or not to allow illegals  to vote in local elections.

Officials in College Park, which is home to the University of Maryland’s main campus, have yet to make their final decision, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Opponents say immigrants — even those in the country legally, such as green-card holders — should not be able to have a say in the direction of the community until they complete the process of becoming a citizen.

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The measure’s sponsor, City Councilwoman Christine Nagle, said it would be good for noncitizens living in the city to make decisions regarding local services.

“These are folks who have a significant stake in our community, and who rely on the facilities in our city,” Nagle said. “To me, it just made sense.”

College Park would not be the only city in the state to allow noncitizens to vote: Takoma Park, Md. has allowed noncitizens to vote since 1991, and two towns in Montgomery County have done the same. Other Maryland towns are considering and adopting the same measure.

Via: Baltimore Sun

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