Imagine living in what was once considered to be a  “free” country, and now being told by your government that you may not venture more than 5km (3.1 miles) from your house, and you may not have visitors to your home! 

Melbourne, Australia’s 2nd most populous city, is headed into its sixth coronavirus lockdown on Thursday, and residents there are furious. The latest lockdown comes after Victoria state officials detected “multiple mystery cases” of what they fear is the highly contagious delta variant.

Slated to be in place for a week, the lockdown comes only one day after the state reported its first 24-hours without a new infection in nearly a month, briefly raising hopes that the delta variant was fading.

The Guardian has a long list of things Melbourne residents may and may not do. Their government is fanning the flames and the residents are feeling the heat. Here is just a sampling of what their “dear leaders” are allowing the peasants to do:

When can I leave my house?
You cannot leave your home unless it is for one of five approved reasons – similar to previous lockdowns. The reasons are: shopping for essentials; authorized work if you cannot work from home, or education; exercise for up to two hours; caregiving, compassionate and medical reasons; and getting vaccinated. Schools will be closed.

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What are the rules for exercise?
There is a two-hour limit on exercise, and it can only be with one other person, and you must stay within a 5km radius of your home. Gyms will close their doors again and community sport will also be suspended.

What are the rules for wearing face masks?
Masks must be worn everywhere except for in your home. This includes both indoor places and outdoor areas – unless you have a medical exemption. It also applies to all workplaces and secondary schools.

Can I have visitors to my house?
No, visitors to homes are not allowed, other than an intimate partner, or a nominated person for someone who lives alone.

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People can only take so much!

Thousands of rebel crowds gather in protest at the lockdown.

Does the Australian government want this unrest so they can take the next step to put down dissent?

Think of the anguish of those that have lived under oppressive governments their entire lives, and watching now as the “free world” becomes a totalitarian state, destroying their dreams of an escape as their options for refuge disintegrate.

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