The Rev. Charles Williams is our local Rev. Al so he’s at every event that even remotely resembles an offense to civil rights. He’s in charge of the Michigan Chapter of Rev. Al’s NAN (National Action Network) organization. So when the Detroit police chief called the thugs in a shooting “urban terrorists” the Rev. came to their defense:

“They are not urban terrorists, they are the products of bad urban policy.”

Who’s been in charge of the “bad urban policy” for over 50 years? Democrats…

DETROIT, MI — Detroit Police Chief James Craig agitated activists by calling those involved in shooting a dozen people Saturday, one who died, “urban terrorists.”

“We want to make it very much known that the young people who are causing the violence in our community are not terrorists,” said the Rev. Charles Williams, president of the Detroit National Action Network, a civil rights group founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton. “They are not urban terrorists, they are the products of bad urban policy. “They are products of bad education policy, where our young people are used as products, versus being educated. They are products of the fact that you are dealing with a city with high poverty numbers, so to relate these young people as terrorists is wrong.”

The Detroit police chief addressed media from the basketball court where upwards of 400 people gathered Saturday for a community party and cookout before gunshots rang out.


Pools of dried blood were visible along the perimeter of the basketball court. “Rude Boyz,” someone wrote with spray paint on one of the basketball backboards. “Dexter” said the other.



Despite the large number of witnesses, Detroit police say most of the community hasn’t been cooperative, and the suspects are still at large….


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