Isn’t it just common sense to anyone that if you release criminals early that they’ll go back and just commit more crime…well, that’s exactly what’s happening…

A member of the U.S Commission on Civil Rights sent a letter to Senators Thursday warning them of an increase in black-on-black crime due to sentencing reform.

“I live in a predominantly black area of inner-city Cleveland. For my neighbors and me, these concerns are not remote. When these men are released from prison earlier than they otherwise would have been, they are coming back to my neighborhood and neighborhoods like mine,” Peter Kirsanow wrote in the letter to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The committee has recently approved a criminal justice reform bill that lowers mandatory minimums and will allow convicts have to their sentences retroactively reduced. The bill has 37 bipartisan cosponsors.

Kirsanow in his letter wrote, “The Sentencing Reform Act is predicated on the belief that rehabilitation is not only possible, but likely. Yet scholarly literature indicates that a person who has been convicted of multiple offenses is always more likely to offend (again) than is a person who has never offended.”

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