WOW! Was it the “no” vote on Kavanaugh that was the tipping point for a big loss for Claire McCaskill? She just lost to Josh Hawley in Missouri’s Senate race! Hawley was Missouri’s Attorney General and is now a US Senator!

A few clues in recent days showed McCaskill might have known she’d lose. Claire McCaskill said she doesn’t care if Democrats take back Congress…

Was it this bombshell video?

BOMBSHELL VIDEO Reveals LIES Of DEM Senator Claire McCaskill And Her Staff Are Telling MO Voters…Gun Control, Trump Impeachment, Abortion and Obama

For 11 years, Democrat Claire McCaskill has been a US Senator in the red- state of Missouri. She is currently in a heated, toss-up race against Missouri Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley.

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill has outraised her Republican challenger by a more than 2 to 1 margin since July, but she’s also been spending money at a faster rate than she’s collecting it.

The Missouri Democrat, who has faced frequent attacks from President Donald Trump, raised nearly $8.5 million from July 1 through Sept. 30, a record for the quarter in Missouri, according to her campaign.

Between July and September, McCaskill spent roughly $12 million on the race, which could determine which party controls the U.S. Senate. She goes into the final weeks of the election with nearly $3.2 million in her campaign coffers.

All the money in the world, however, isn’t going to explain away this undercover video that exposes Senator McCaskill and her true intentions…

After Missouri voters see the bait and switch she and her staff have been attempting to pull off on voters, her chances of defeating her Republican opponent in what is being called a “toss-up” race for Senator are not looking very good. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas just released an undercover video of the anti-Trump, anti-Kavanaugh Senator and her staff revealing their true intentions on the issues of gun control and abortion. They also talk about the Democrat plan to impeach Trump, after lying to her constituents about it.

One of the best parts of the video comes at the end, when a male member of McCaskill’s staff talks about how even though ideologically, she aligns with former President Obama, she doesn’t want him to come to the state of Missouri to campaign with her, because she doesn’t want her constituents to make the connection between her and America’s worst president ever.

Watch Claire McCaskill and her staff admit how the Senator tells Republicans voters in Missouri one thing while planning to do the opposite thing after she gets reelected:

Via Project Veritas:

Senator McCaskill Talks Gun Bans on Tape

Senator McCaskill revealed her intention to vote on various gun control measures in undercover footage:

MCCASKILL: “Well if we elect enough Democrats we’ll get some gun safety stuff done. They won’t let us vote on it, we’ve got 60 votes for a number of measures that would help with gun safety, but McConnell won’t let ’em come to the floor.”

JOURNALIST: “Like bump stocks, ARs and high capacity mags…?”

MCCASKILL: “Universal background checks, all of that… But if we have the kind of year I think we might have I think we could actually be in a position to get votes on this stuff on the floor and we’d get 60 [votes]…”

JOURNALIST: “So you would be on board with the bump stocks and… high capacity mags.”

MCCASKILL: “Of course! Of course!”

Despite her strong views on gun control, Senator McCaskill does not tend to promote them on the campaign trail or on her website. Rob Mills, who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, says that is “…because she has a bunch of Republican voters.”

Another individual who works on Senator McCaskill campaign, Carson Pope, adds that “…a semi-automatic rifle ban is more so what she would support.”

Nicolas Starost, another individual who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, explains how President Obama won’t campaign for Senator McCaskill in Missouri despite their similar views on politics. Starost says this is because Senator McCaskill needs to distance herself from the Democratic party to appeal to more voters:

STAROST: “Because of how like, cause he’s a very liberal candidate. And like… Claire distancing herself from the party is gonna help her win more votes than it will saying like: “Oh here’s Obama, the former President of the United States, to now speak on my behalf.” Which is unfortunate because I love Obama to pieces, and I’d love to see him come here.”

JOURNALIST: “And they essentially have the same views on everything?”

STAROST: “Yeah. People just can’t know that.”

h/t The Gateway Pundit

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