Former top Obama administration officials are at odds over which of them may have pushed the infamous golden showers dossier be included in an assessment of Russian election interference – and existing email records hold the key to who is correct.

A high-level dispute over which senior government officials pushed the unverified Steele dossier amid efforts to surveil the Trump campaign has broken out into the open again, after it emerged that Attorney General William Barr appointed a U.S. attorney to examine the origins of the Russia investigation and determine if the FBI and DOJ’s actions were “lawful and appropriate.”

Sources familiar with the records told Fox News that a late-2016 email chain indicated then-FBI Director James Comey told bureau subordinates that then-CIA Director John Brennan insisted the dossier be included in the intelligence community assessment on Russian interference, known as the ICA.

Fox News was told that the email chain – not yet public — referred to the dossier as “crown material,” but it was not clear why this apparent code was used. On Tuesday night, former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy said on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum” that “Comey has a better argument than Brennan, based on what I’ve seen.”

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A day earlier, Gowdy told Fox News, “Whoever is looking into this, tell them to look into emails” from December 2016 involving Brennan and Comey. Gowdy, who is now a Fox News contributor, said his assessment was based on sensitive Russia records he reviewed as then-chairman of the Republican-led House Oversight Committee.

But in a statement to Fox News, a former CIA official put the blame squarely on Comey.

“Former Director Brennan, along with former [Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper, are the ones who opposed James Comey’s recommendation that the Steele Dossier be included in the intelligence report,” the official said.

Remember how the media pushed the phony Steele Dossier? Remember when Comey’s interview with ABC News’ George was used to paint a picture of the newly elected President Trump as a mobster, a serial liar and a sexual deviant?

On April 18, 2018, the fired FBI Director James Comey told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, “All of us were operating in a world where the polls were showing us that Donald Trump had no chance.” After showing footage of ABC News calling Trump’s victory on election night, “The most stunning upset in American political history,” Stephanopoulos asked Comey, “What part of you is thinking, I helped elect Donald Trump?’ Comey moaned, and responded, ” A whole lot of me was thinking, Oh, my g*d, did we have some role in this? Did we have some impact on the election?”

When Comey was asked about his meeting at Trump Tower to meet with the president for the first time. Comey claimed that he was nervous, and explained how difficult it was about to talk to him about allegations that he was involved with prostitutes in Moscow and that the Russians taped it, and have leverage over him.” Comey revealed strange details about Trump’s appearance to Stephanopoulos, saying he couldn’t take his eyes off Trump’s hair, and that he “looked slightly orange up close,” that “he had small white circles under his eyes,” telling the ABC News host that he assumed it was from tanning. Comey also recalled, “that his tie was too long, as it always is.”

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Comey explained how he was reminded of the Mafia when he met with Trump. ABC News proved the comparison was a setup, as they flashed to footage of Comey prosecuting the mob. Stephanopoulos asked Comey, “How strange is it for you to compare the president to a mob boss?” Comey said how “strange” it was, but that he thought about how strange it was to “have to stay back and talk to Trump about prostitutes.” Comey claims he became “as graphic as he needed to be” about the completely phony dossier, “I did not go into the business about people peeing on each other.” Comey claimed that Trump asked, “Do I look like the kind of guy who needs hookers?” Comey claimed that Trump became defensive about the accusation. When asked if Comey believed the accusations, he told Stephanopoulos, “I honestly don’t think these words would ever come out of my mouth, but I don’t know whether the current president of the United States with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow in 2013. It’s possible, but I don’t know.”

Stephanopoulos asked if Comey ever told him that the Steele Dossier was financed by his political opponents? Comey, said, “no.” When Stephanopoulos asked Comey if he thought President Trump had the “right to know” that the dossier was funded by the DNC and Hillary’s campaign, he asked the question back to Stephanopoulos, saying, “That it had been financed by his political opponents? I don’t know the answer to that. It wasn’t necessary from my goal—which was to alert him, that we had this information”

It was then that Comey said after he left the meeting, he immediately began to take notes of Trump’s “startling behavior, fearing that the President might lie about what was said.” Comey told the ABC News host that he took notes about their meeting in the Trump Tower because after watching him on the campaign, he decided that Trump was not someone who placed a “high value” on the truth.

After ABC News worked with James Comey to paint a picture of President Trump as a mobster and a twisted sexual deviant, they switched to a scene of Comey and his family home. They showed Comey sitting in front of photo albums in his childhood home and then showed the boy scout turned FBI director, making it clear to their viewers how any reasonable person should never call choir boy Comey’s version of the Steele Dossier story into question.


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