White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders revealed she says “a little prayer of God help me” each day before walking into the briefing room during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

Dana Perino, a former White House press secretary herself, mentioned she would say a prayer of “thanks and gratitude” as she would arrive at the building each morning. Sanders, speaking about her job taking questions as the Trump administration’s chief spokesperson, expressed both love for the job and said there was hostility from the press she has never seen.

“I’ve always said if I ever walk into the building and I’m not in awe of being here and being part of it, then I’ve been here too long and it’s time to go,” Sanders said. “Thankfully, I still feel a sense of reverence every time I step into the building, certainly every time I step into the briefing room. And I hope I never lose that.”

“I also say a little prayer of ‘God help me’ every day right before walking into that room,” she added.

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Sarah Sanders hit back at criticism that General Kelly was fabricating his account of Rep. Frederica Wilson “grandstanding” during an event to dedicate a new FBI office in Texas. The press was all over Sanders who clarified that Rep. Wilson made comments during the event about how she got the funding for the FBI office by picking up the phone and calling Barack. She was “grandstanding” and making the event about her, according to Kelly. The fake news is saying Sanders said the press couldn’t speak to Kelly but when you listen to what she said it’s clear she said to go ahead if they want to challenge Kelly. She NEVER said the press couldn’t talk to him.

Great job…Class act!

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