GREG GUTFELD IS SO PASSIONATE and so on target with his commentary about the Comey memo disclosure. This is truly epic!
Gutfeld said all of this comes down to the non-political way Trump communicates.

“When you say you ‘hope’ for something, it’s not a command. It’s not saying you’d better do this.”

Gutfeld then compared the use of “hope” to desiring a bicycle for Christmas, wanting people to show up for your birthday, and asking neighbors to be quiet while you’re sleeping.

“In my mind … it seems like it’s not a big deal, which is maybe why Comey didn’t think it was obstructionist, so he didn’t have to comply to reporting it, because he knew … what Trump was doing is what Trump does.”

“Everything to him is like visiting a construction site. It’s not what a politician says or does. He doesn’t understand how internal stuff works. So he shows up and says I wish we could do this for cheaper … wish we could have done a better job on lights on bathrooms.”

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