When people question the ridiculous amount of foreign aid that we give to other countries, we are reassured by the foreign policy establishment that the money is being used to “advance US interests”.

You would think that the United States, generously giving $30 billion in aid to Ukraine with another $1 billion on the way as of this week would be enough to buy their gratitude, at least.

Instead, as tensions with China are on the rise due to the crisis in Taiwan, Zelensky decided to beg China for money in an interview with the South China Morning Post on Thursday.

His overtures to the Chinese Communist Party are in spite of the fact that China has been one of the primary financiers of the war against Ukraine by buying cheap Russian oil.

The biggest losers, as usual, are United States citizens and taxpayers who will now see Zelensky cozy up to our greatest geopolitical enemy despite our generous support.

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Only a few people spoke out against the massive aid package to Ukraine while most politicians on both sides of the aisle were eager to once again put America Last.

Breitbart Reports

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the South China Morning Post on Thursday that he would like to discuss his country’s war against Russia with the leader of Russia’s closest ally, Xi Jinping, “directly,” and invited China to help rebuild Ukraine once the war is over.

Zelensky’s discussion with the Morning Post, a Hong Kong newspaper, was the first with an Asian news outlet since Russia escalated its eight-year-old war against Ukraine into a full-scale invasion in February. Zelensky used the opportunity to request a personal discussion with Xi, a genocidal communist dictator who is largely bankrolling the invasion of Ukraine through large purchases of cheap Russian oil and gas.

Ukraine is a member of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a global program to trap poor countries in predatory loans to China that they cannot afford. The loans are nominally meant to pay China for massive infrastructure projects

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