The video below is an instant classic because Steve Hilton comes right at former Obama State Department official Marie Harf with the accusation that she participated in the Obama cover-up of Biden’s Ukraine corruption.

Steve Hilton Begins by describing the Deep State as the Resistance and says they are after Trump because he could expose their corruption and upset the entire government bureaucracy.

He details the different factions that have been going after Trump and then mentions the Ukraine/Biden/Kerry corruption.

All of a sudden Hilton looks at Marie Harf and says she’s involved in the cover-up because she was in the thick of the Obama State Department at the time of the corruption.

WOW… Steve Hilton accuses ex-state dept spox Marie Harf, to her face, of participating in Obama admin Biden coverup. This is an instant classic

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Makes you wonder if Harf benefited from any of that Burisma money.



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