Bill Clinton went on the Conan show and spewed bitterness towards President Trump…At one point, he insinuated that Trump is a ‘member of the dictator’s Club’. He and Conan are both guilty of slamming our president while he’s overseas trying to deal with the North Koreans and Chinese. The left will never stop with their bashing of Trump on a very personal level. It’s not about policy but about name calling and nasty political games. Can you imagine if Obama had been treated even remotely like this? At one point in the interview Clinton says he thinks Trump is “winging it”…What a jack wagon! This is a coordinated effort between the former president and his grifter wife to bash Trump. See the video below where Hillary claims she’s worried about Trump’s government…Sure she is…

Did you catch the propaganda Clinton spewed about how America needs to import more ‘immigrants’? This globalist is a traitor to Americans who are jobless. Do we really need to import more needy people? No!

Bill and Hillary Clinton both went on late night shows to spew hate for President Trump. No class! These two grifters have been fleecing the American people for over 25 years! Can they just go away already?

HILLARY SAYS SHE’S WORRIED ABOUT TRUMP’S GOVERNMENT: This was obviously a coordinated effort to bash Trump as inept. Shame on her!

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Did you notice the arrogance with both of these grifters? It’s sickening!

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