A  homeowner in St. Johns County, Florida was asked by her homeowners association to take down a Blue Lives Matter flag because another neighbor deemed it “racist”.  The flag is flown to honor her father and other family members in law enforcement. The father of the homeowner had this to say about the flag:

“If you drive by and see that flag, it kind of makes you feel a little bit better that there’s a family that supports what I’m doing.”

Now she’s found a new way to get the message across….


A projector is now beaming the flag onto the homeowner’s Samara Lakes garage at night instead of having it hung from a flagpole attached to the home.

The father of the homeowner says that his daughter had flown that flag for years. She just recently got a letter requesting she take it down after a neighbor complained the flag was ‘racist’.

The father of the homeowner said, “It doesn’t seem to quite be covered that a projector from a vehicle projecting on your garage door is a violation of the HOA”

He also said that First Coast Association Management – the company in charge of enforcing the rules in that neighborhood – hasn’t gotten back to his daughter despite several attempts at contact on their part.

Does anyone see anything ‘racist’ about a Blue Lives Matter flag? Police officers come in all races…It’s too bad that people are offended by pretty much everything these days.


A Blue Lives Matter flag in support of police officers has been deemed racist! How ridiculous is that since Americans of all races are police officers!

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