It’s Earth Day so all of the climate change activists are out protesting.

Leave it to the climate activists to remove all doubt and prove they are deranged.

A group of activists just superglued themselves to the globe at Universal Studios.

They’re calling on NBC/Universal to take action on climate change.

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Red dye was thrown in the fountain surrounding the globe:

This is another case of how NOT to win friends and influence people. The people in the Universal Studios park probably didn’t appreciate having their visit ruined by the activists. One hundred police officers were deployed to the area.

The movement is called ‘Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles’


This is the Chicken Little arm of the Democratic Party. The fearful climate change believers have turned their mission into a strange religion that worships the Earth. They want us to know that we’ll all die in 10 years if we don’t dump a bunch of money into the climate change scam…aka the Green New Deal.



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