Climate change is full of lefty lingo but this guy takes it to a whole new level with his fear mongering over what he perceives will happen if the climate changes. You have to feel sorry for people like this…Does he REALLY believe the BS he’s spewing?

REPORTER: Juan Rosa, he’s wide awake. Juan, why is it important for you to be a part of today’s march?

PROTESTER: We’re going to Washington today because we are front-line communities, Washington Heights, Harlem, the Bronx. We are communities where people don’t have resources to escape if we have flooding or other issues caused by climate change. And we have an administration that is hostile to the science behind global warming, climate change and hostile to the regulations that were put in place to protect us from those effects. And we’re going today to send a message that we are under threat and that we need action from our policymakers and our elected officials.


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This is what years and years of lefty indoctrination will do!

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