Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook was interviewed by MSNBC’s Kate Snow and boy did he get huffy! He refused to say if he knew Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. Mook was hammered by Kate Snow in an effort to get some details but Mook turned the questioning around to say he hoped the other guy would get the same scrutiny…


The LA Times Reported yesterday that Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager was sure she didn’t faint but just “stumbled” as she was getting into the van to leave the 9/11 ceremony. Does any of the video that’s been plastered everywhere look like she just stumbled? It’s more than that…for sure!

Flash forward to Clinton’s campaign manager’s interview with Kate Snow and you see a pattern here of covering up and lying about why Clinton has been ill for so long. Check out the back and forth with Kate Snow and Robbie Mook:

After Clinton was seen falling into a van after attending a 9/11 memorial Sunday morning, the campaign said she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. The campaign did not mention the illness until her collapse yesterday.

Snow also grilled Mook on the timeline between Clinton’s fall into the van and her reappearance outside daughter Chelsea’s apartment in Manhattan. Mook said Clinton wanted to cool off and see her grandchildren.

Mook would also not disclose, also after being asked several times, if anyone else other than the candidate herself knew that Clinton had pneumonia. An annoyed Mook answered, “I hope that you drill in with the same detail with his team as you’re drilling in with ours.”

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KATE SNOW, MSNBC: Did you know on Friday, Robby, that she was ill? Did you know that she had the diagnosis of pneumonia and if so, what did you advise her to do?

ROBBY MOOK, CLINTON CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Well, she obviously saw the doctor on Friday and in consultation with her doctors, she decided to power through this. She didn’t want it to affect anything. And obviously on Sunday when she got overheated it was clear she needed some downtime. So in consultation with her doctor she’s taking some downtime.

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KATE SNOW: I asked because you are the campaign manager. You are the one in charge of this schedule and what she’s doing and I wonder if you didn’t know, would you have advised her to take a couple days down and not plan this trip to California today?

ROBBY MOOK: Well, I am certainly — let’s just say I am happy that she’s getting some much needed downtime now. But she’s looking forward to getting back out on the trail very soon…

KATE SNOW: Robby, I’m reading between the lines and I want to make sure I am not misreading. I’m reading between the lines of what you’re saying — the staff did not know that she had pneumonia.

ROBBY MOOK: Yeah, but, I want to be fair here. If we’re going to be talking about transparency and disclosure, Donald Trump has not released a single piece of serious information about his health.

KATE SNOW: And I will be pressing his representative in the next interview that we do with them.

ROBBY: MOOK: But I hope you, I hope you —

KATE SNOW: Did the staff not know that she had pneumonia on Friday? Am I right on that from what you’re saying?

ROBBY MOOK: I’m just saying — all I’m saying is that I hope that you drill in with the same detail with his team as you’re drilling in with ours. We released the information as soon as we could when this happened this Sunday. I wish that it happened quicker than 90 minutes. Again, we were busy attending to her health. So that’s on us. But we are looking forward to Donald Trump releasing his medical information. Just making sure everybody is meeting at the same bar here.

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