Throughout the campaign season the “experts” and pollsters claimed that it was all in the data that minorities and women would vote Clinton. It was a mantra that you would hear across the main stream media every day. FOX News was constantly referring to how much women disliked Trump…NOT TRUE! Minorities and Latinos were also very supportive of Trump. It comes down to the fact that the American GOT IT! After 8 years of Obama and a horrible economy that REALLY hasn’t fully recovered…it’s the economy and a secure America that spoke to all of us!

The left would like you to believe that it was all about the FBI investigation but it’s so much more than that. The New York Times and Hillary Clinton have tried to blame the loss on FBI Director Comey:

“There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful,” Mrs. Clinton said, according to a donor who relayed the remarks. But, she added, “our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum.”

Nice try but Clinton should point to herself for blame. It was Clinton and Cheryl Mills who set up a server in Clinton’s home. We weren’t born yesterday and know that it was clearly to keep the pay to play dealings quiet.

Yes, people saw through Mrs. Clinton’s lies but Americans finally saw that WE THE PEOPLE could take our government back from the corrupt globalists. We finally have a president that isn’t beholden to ANYONE and who will be only taking $1 as pay for his hard work.



Mrs. Clinton’s campaign was so confident in her victory that her aides popped open Champagne on the campaign plane early Tuesday. But that conviction, aides would later learn, was based largely on erroneous data showing that young, black and Latino voters and suburban women who had been turned off by Mr. Trump’s comments but viewed Mrs. Clinton unfavorably would turn out for her in higher numbers than they ultimately did.

Exit polls conducted by Edison Research found that among people who said they had decided in the final week before Election Day, 47 percent voted for Mr. Trump and 42 percent for Mrs. Clinton.

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