It’s been a very weird day with the news surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh and we’ve reached the point where it’s possible that we just entered the Twilight Zone, because Chelsea Clinton left a message on social media in support of Kavanaugh’s family, and I am almost certain that no one expected that. In the process, Clinton also shamed the Illinois Times, chiding them for bringing Kavanaugh’s children into the drama surrounding his hearings and Supreme Court confirmation that has been delayed thanks to sexual assault accusations.

Kavanaugh was accused of sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford over 30-years ago. Her story has no witnesses, no evidence, and even her story has more holes than a cheese grater, but none of that mattered. Kavanaugh faced hearings, now an FBI investigation, and his seat on the Supreme Court sits coldly waiting for him to warm it.

Amid the chaos, the leftist media has uncovered several other accusers, none of them merit any attention nor has any credibility. They either sound fake, lack facts and evidence, and seem like someone just reaching for five minutes of fame – especially Michael Avenatti’s client Julie Swetnick who was blasted by her own ex-boyfriend as having psychological problems and enjoying intercourse with multiple men at once (wow).

Through all of that nonsense, there is then the Illinois Times who has apparently gotten on Chelsea Clinton’s last nerve. So bad that she publically outed them in a tweet that contained a link to the Washington Post.

At first, it looked like she was shaming the Washington Post. She was not. Upon further reading, it shows that she was on the attack against the Illinois Times and their cartoonist, Chris Britt.

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Britt created a cartoon of Kavanaugh’s daughter.

That comic that he did is below.

“To Whom it May Concern at [email protected]:

I would like to formally lodge a protest at the disgraceful sketch by your cartoonist, Chris Britt, depicting the 10 year-old daughter of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It contravenes every standard of decency in our society. Please remove it.”

Word traveled and the Washington Post crafted a story on the offensive comic targeting Kavanaugh’s daughter.

This is where Chelsea Clinton stepped in and declared she had enough. This is probably because she knows what it feels like to be targeted. After all, her mother is Hillary Clinton and thank goodness she’s not president!

Clinton posted the following in support of Kavanaugh’s family.

“Please leave Judge Kavanaugh’s daughters alone. They do not belong in your cartoons, “jokes”, or skits. If you can’t make your point about Judge Kavanaugh, whatever it may be, without bullying his kids, it’s not worth making.”

Wow. Clinton even called him JUDGE Kavanaugh. An impressive message indeed, one which many were not expecting her to make.

Everyone should remember that people’s children at young ages are off limits. Once they’re 18, then they are fair game for political war ammo and perfectly acceptable to criticize.

If a political target’s children are under 18, then leave them out of it. Kids are off limits.

Chelsea Clinton received a little respect for this message, but let’s be honest – we’re still glad that her mother lost the election in 2016.

Now if only Chelsea Clinton would shame some other people for what they did to Benghazi victims and their family, then that would be nice.

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