Two years ago, Patriots owner Robert Kraft appeared with Brian Kilmeade on the Fox and Friends Show, where they discussed the special friendship between him and President Donald J. Trump. During his interview, Kraft revealed a different side to Trump that is the polar opposite of the manufactured monster the mainstream has created.  “He’s been great to me,” Kraft told Kilmeade. Kraft went on to explain a very personal experience he had that revealed to him the truly compassionate and caring side of Donald Trump, saying, “He’s been great to me over the past two decades.” Kraft expressed his gratitude to Trump for inviting him to be a guest at his wedding to Melania. He told the Fox and Friends host how after his “beloved wife” died and he was having the toughest time in his life, and it was then that he realized Donald Trump was a true friend. Kraft explained, saying: “In the toughest time in my life, he was there for me when my beloved wife died” he continued, “he came to the funeral with Melania, he visited me at my home Memorial week. He called me once a week for a year, ‘How ya doing?'” Kraft continued, “I was really depressed. He invited me to things and he looked out after me and—only four or five people did that to that extent. So, I’m loyal to my friends; I remember who the people are there when the tough times are there.”

Kraft continued to explain that President Trump cares about people and that he believes Trump is the perfect person to help create jobs and to “get the economy going again.”


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Now, when Patriots owner Robert Kraft is again, being faced with unwarranted hatred towards his team, Kraft remains unfazed, telling reporters who asked him about people rooting against him, “For us to get to the point in less than two decades, where people are rooting against us because we won—that’s a high-class problem to have. And I hope we keep it going for quite a while. I’m actually honored by it.”

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Who could’ve ever imagined that in 2019, Americans would be rooting against a team in the Super Bowl because the owner is a friend of the President of the United States?

What was that again that Michelle Obama so famously said at the 2016 DNC convention? “When they go low, we go high?” When are we going to actually see that happen? And is defending your decades-long friendship with a good and compassionate man who happens to have a different political affiliation a legitimate reason to hate an NFL team?

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