The lead singer of the Rolling Stones has decided to make a rare statement on American politics and President Trump.

The problem with Mick Jagger is he lives in the elitist bubble so he has no clue about how nasty the media and Democrats have been to President Trump during his years in the White House. Thank goodness Trump is a fighter! We didn’t elect Ms. Manners! The American people voted for someone who was outside the D.C. establishment and who would fight to drain the swamp.

Mick Jagger broke his silence to claim that President Trump is a liar who is ‘tearing apart America’. Yes, that’s how clueless Jagger is in his judgment of our president. Shame on him!

Jagger claimed that America should be setting the environmental standard for the world, but that isn’t happening under Trump’s presidency. This is where Jagger is dead wrong and should be bashing China!

Maybe Jagger should read President Trump’s ‘8 Facts That CNN Will Ignore During the Climate Town Hall:

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President Trump tweeted out “8 facts” on the environment that make the case that the climate hoax is a loser:

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Jagger, now 76, says he was ‘absolutely behind’ young climate change activists who had earlier occupied the red carpet at the Venice film festival, where he was starring in the psychological thriller, ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’.

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