Democrats have a number of complaints about the incoming Republican majority in the House of Representatives, but chief among them is their promise to create a new “Church Committee” that will investigate the corruption and politicization of the FBI and other intelligence agencies.

Democrats have repeatedly sounded the alarm that Republicans are undermining faith in America’s institutions by bringing to light evidence indicating that the FBI has targeted conservatives and is acting in a partisan fashion.

On Monday, high-ranking Representative Jim Clyburn (D-Sc.), who once again serves as the House assistant Democratic leader, echoed Democrats’ concerns, saying that investigating ongoing investigations will make Americans lose faith in the FBI.

Clyburn said that the Department of Justice’s investigations in to conservative politicians and activists are part of the Biden administration’s job and that Republicans should not be interfering, even though part of the House’s job is to provide oversight of Presidential administrations.

Breitbart Reports

“On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) reacted to plans by House Republicans to investigate various government agencies, including the Department of Justice by stating the Department of Justice and its investigations are “part of the administration, and we ought not be interfering with the Justice Department doing its work.”

Clyburn stated, “I don’t know what it takes for people not to understand that this is a democracy. This is a body of the Congress that we are trying to maintain credibility with, and we’re not going to do that by opening up all kinds of suspicions about the institutions in our society. I know a little bit about the institutions not being trusted. We need to build trust in these institutions, and you cannot do that by opening up investigations into the investigations that are, in fact, taking place. That’s exactly what they’re talking about doing.”

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