The US economy is in a shambolic state.  Supply chain issues are driving up the prices of essential goods, inflation is at a 30 year high, the US added only 210,000 jobs in November, a nearly one year low, and stocks are sliding across the market.  In the face of these obvious failures by the Biden administration, they have begged newsrooms for better coverage as Biden’s approval ratings continue to slide to historic lows.  In a media environment where the legacy news has already been accused of being soft on Biden, some reporters are obliging with the White Houses request.

CNBC’s Jim Kramer analogized the US economy to the “Roaring 20’s” and said “We have the strongest economy I’ve ever seen”.  He goes on to discuss low unemployment rates, consumer confidence, and the “tremendous demand for goods” and services.


The White House has been secretly begging news organizations to give them more favorable coverage on the economy.  The New York Post Reports-

“The administration is “not happy” with the unflattering headlines and coverage of the supply-chain disaster and handling of the economy — and so “has been working behind the scenes trying to reshape coverage in its favor,” CNN’s Reliable Sources said.

Senior White House and administration officials “have been briefing major newsrooms over the past week,” a source told the outlet’s media reporter Oliver Darcy.”


Reality paints a different picture from what the Biden regime’s propagandists want Americans to believe.  Rising prices caused by inflation are hitting the poor and middle class hardest.  “Inflation reduces poor Americans’ quality of life, and rising gas prices specifically increase the cost of living for poor Americans living in rural areas much more than for richer Americans,” A Joint Economic Committee study found last month.

This dismal news comes alongside cratering approval ratings for President Joe Biden.  A USA Today/Suffolk poll in November saw his approval ratings dip to 38%, with 59% of voters disapproving of his job performance, a net approval rating of -21%.  Further, 64% of Americans said they do not want Biden to run for a second term.  No wonder he is begging the media to intensify their propaganda campaign.



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