CNN anchor Don Lemon got snarky during reporting on Republican Karen Handel’s win in Georgia’s 6th District. He made a claim that this is pretty much no big deal. That’s funny…The Democrats spent 50 million dollars and went all in on this election but are now downplaying or making excuses for the loss. Lemon should do his homework: Donald Trump won the 6th District by slim margins in the 2016 election. This was a HUGE win for Republicans!

Lemon said, “What’s interesting is that, breaking news, a Republican wins in Georgia, it shouldn’t be breaking news. This is the way it should happen. But the fact, David, that it was so close, at least it appeared in the polling and in the results, as well. The results are actually really close.”

He then asked, “What does this say about the state of affairs, especially the Trump — is there a mandate for Donald Trump? Will he keep his support? Will it stay the same? Are Democrats looking at this as necessarily a loss, or they got close and maybe there’s hope for them in the midterms?”


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