John Sullivan has a criminal record.

He’s the leader of an Antifa group.

He organized for BLM activists to join him near the Capitol building on January 6th.

Only moments after the Capitol building was secured, following the breach by over 200 people, John Sullivan was a guest on Anderson Cooper’s show, where the CNN host referred to him as an “activist.”

In a now-deleted video from his Instagram account, Sullivan identifies himself as “John Sullivan of Salt Lake City, Utah, and part of Insurgence USA” Near the end of the video, Sullivan tells the crowd, ““We gotta f***ing rip Trump right outta that office!” telling the crowd they need to take action against Trump now, “No, no—we ain’t’ about waitin’ until the next election, we’re about to go get that motherf*cker!”


Sullivan is also the self-described founder of the Insurgence USA group. On their website, they provide a handy little guide on how to be an Anarchist. The guide explains how to disregard previous and predictable strategies, and instead, to use “guerilla tactics to overwhelm your adversary.” Hmmm…that almost sounds like what happened at the White House?

Strangely, when CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Sullivan, he never mentioned his recent criminal history, his threats of preventing President Trump from serving a second term, including “ripping” him from the White House, or the radical group he founded that supports Anarchy and an armed revolution.

Watch his interview with Anderson Cooper that’s impossible to find anywhere on the internet. It’s almost like CNN doesn’t want anyone to see Anderson Cooper pretending that Sullivan is simply a “left-wing activist” or treating him like was a reporter on the scene who just happened to be standing next to Ashli Babbit when she was shot to death:

Today, documents were released showing that CNN and NBC both paid the Antifa leader a stunning $35,000 each for his footage from inside the White House.


That’s a pretty big fee for a guy who recently threatened to take out the President of the United States in front of a crowd. It almost makes one wonder how CNN and NBC were able to make contact with Sullivan so quickly after the siege.

The Instagram post has now been deleted, although we have a screen-recorded copy. We’ve also located his speech from another angle that was posted on Rumble:

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