Last night, a horrible tragedy unfolded on the Michigan State University campus when three people were shot to death, and five more were seriously injured by a lone shooter. The shootings occurred at more than one location on campus.

Several hours after the nightmare unfolded, MSU Police and Campus Safety identified the gunman as a short, black male wearing a blue jean jacket, ball cap, and red shoes.

The shared images of the suspected shooter on Twitter along with a description of the suspect: “The suspect is a Black male, shorter in stature, red shoes, jean jacket, wearing a baseball cap that is navy with a lighter brim.”

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota told her viewers: “Campus police tweeted that the suspected gunman is a short male with a mask. That’s basically all we know.” Sorry,

Is it really any wonder that CNN is afraid to identify a suspected mass shooter who is on the loose on a college campus with over 50,000 students as a “black male” over fears of being considered insensitive or even “racist” when idiots like Dr. Black Deer is worried about putting “Black students on campus at even more risk for the super militarized police response.” Or how about Emmy Scott, who claims to be a former MSU student who opines about how the “descriptions were always racist when I attended,” adding, “Literally one time the MSU alert that went out just said a “tall Black male” was the suspect in a rape. That’s it.”

Did it ever occur to Ms. Scott that the ONLY description the VICTIM of the rape may have had after she was was raped is that he was a “tall Black male?”

How did CNN’s Camerota think she was helping the general public, especially students, by leaving out that the suspected shooter, who was still at large, was a “black” male? Did she think being woke was more important than saving the lives of students who might have encountered him after the shootings?

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