Just days after ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar disgustingly suggested that East Palestine residents deserved to suffer the potentially deadly consequences of the train derailment because they voted for Donald Trump, a guest on CNN tore into Democrats for suggesting such things, calling this politically-obsessed viewpoint a “sin and a shame.”

On The View’s Thursday show, Behar said that residents of East Palestine, Ohio ‘deserve’ the potentially deadly consequences of a train derailment that happened in the town earlier this month because they voted for Trump.

She claimed that Trump voters in Ohio deserve to suffer from poisoned drinking water and air because Trump supposedly supported the deregulation of the rail industry and opposed overreach by bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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After Behar made these comments, she was widely criticized for her “psychotic” comments and for her obvious hatred for a group of people in a different political party than her own.

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A few days later, a guest on CNN named Nina Turner destroyed the Democrats who agree with Behar’s perspective, completely shutting them down and shaming them for having such a sick opinion.

Turner, a former Democratic Ohio State Senator, said, “For the neoliberals who say that the residents of that area deserve what they are getting because they voted for President Donald J. Trump – it is abhorrent. This is about poverty. This is about poor, working-class white people who are enduring some of the same things that poor working-class black people endure, whether it’s Flint, Cleveland, or Jackson, Mississippi.

“The cultist behavior in politics right now, it is a sin and a shame that when people are suffering to this magnitude, you got people who will fix their mouths, to quote my grandmother, to say they are getting what they deserve,” she continued. “What they deserve is clean air, clean food, clean water. They deserve relief both in the short term and also in the long term.”

After her appearance on CNN, Turner reiterated her point on Twitter, saying, “The cultish behavior in politics right now is a sin and a shame. We are all humans and must recognize each other’s humanity first, no matter the issue.”

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