White House Coronavirus coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx appeared on CNN this morning with CNN host Dana Bash where she discussed the current status of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Two weeks ago, after Dr. Birx advocated for reopening schools, CNN wrote a scathing piece on the distinguished doctor, who also served under former President Obama, mocking her as, “Not just a ‘grandmother with the scarves.'”

Birx’s rise inside the Trump administration has surprised many of her former colleagues, given her past as an Obama appointee. It’s also tainted her reputation among some public health experts who view her as having sold out to a chaotic, poorly managed response that has put Trump’s political fortunes over the health and safety of Americans.

Not just a ‘grandmother with the scarves’

Since joining the National Security Council in February, Birx, a former Army physician who ran the State Department’s global AIDS program under former President Barack Obama, has proven to be a savvy political operator inside the White House, amassing power from her role coordinating the task force under Vice President Mike Pence.

She is the only task force member who briefs Pence every day, and she has become a fixture in the West Wing. With her office near the vice president’s, Birx has built a close working relationship with Pence, who is known to defer to Birx in meetings and at briefings, and has referred to her has his “right hand.”

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Birx has become a frequent traveler on Air Force 2 alongside Pence, touring the country with charts and graphs and meeting with local officials to walk them through her data. This week, Birx spent much of her time meeting with Southern governors in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama to assure them it is safe to bring children back to the classroom.

CNN continued their attack on Dr. Birx this morning in an interview with CNN host Dana Bash who attempted to instill panic in her viewers over the spread of COVID-19.

“People are panicked,” Bash told Dr. Birx, “People are worried. People are seemingly worried about why this is seeming to be completely out of control.” Bash cited a statement made by Johns Hopkins University who suggested “It’s time for the government to re-set.” (“Re-set” is liberal speak for a federally mandated lockdown.)

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Dr. Birx explained that instead of a “general” federal response, they’ve gone to a city by city and county by county approach to help Americans in those areas mitigate the virus. She explained that COVID is spreading into rural areas and suggested that people living in these areas need to take the same precautions. As Dr. Birx began to explain that the American people should take comfort in knowing that the mitigation efforts are working, as they’re starting to see a decrease in cases in the south. Bash tried to interrupt—Dr. Birx continued speaking. “That’s why I’ve named those states and I’ve named those cities,” she continued. Bash tried to interrupt again, “So, Dr. Birx, you mentioned deaths. The former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the US coronavirus death toll could double to  300,000 deaths by the end of the year. Do you think that possible?


“Women’s rights advocate,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to trash the reputation of Dr. Birx during an interview with ABC News’ This Week, telling the host Martha Radowitz she doesn’t have any confidence in Dr. Birx.

Dr. Birx’s response to the far-left Democrat Speaker was over her baseless comments was perfect.

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