CNN correspondent Arwa Damon takes the propaganda route and sides with Iran in bashing America by saying we “don’t have a moral leg to stand on”.  This is a mind blower…We just reported that America gives over $24 billion in aid to countries around the world. Iran has been bashing the U.S. for decades and now this liberal hack at CNN says the world thinks we don’t have a moral leg to stand on? America has literally been the beacon of light for the world! We give more than anyone and are taking in the most refugees by far. “The world” might need to do a reality check on this one…

Via Daily Caller:

During CNN’s coverage of protests in Iran Saturday, a correspondent read a statement from the Iranian government, adding that many countries are “frustrated” with the United States, and that many think America doesn’t have a “moral leg to stand on.”

CNN correspondent Arwa Damon said, “This coming out from the [Iranian] foreign ministry, not only talking about the fact that they view the government of President Trump as the greatest bearer of ill will towards Iran but going on to say that, ‘The people of Iran give no value or credibility to such opportunistic expressions by the Government or the person, Mr. Trump. American officials, through their conduct have not earned a place from which they can express masked sentiments as sympathies, for the aware of the people of Iran.’”

This reporter has a history of being anti-Israel. Is CNN taking sides in the Iranian uprising? We think so.

To watch the video: Daily Caller


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