The news that CNN hired a conservative to be the political editor for the 2020 election was a shocker because CNN is historically openly biased towards conservatives. Was CNN pivoting to be more fair and balanced?

As it turns out, leftists didn’t care much about being fair and balanced. They didn’t want to know why CNN hired a conservative, they just wanted her gone. Hollywood Reporter even wrote about the “controversial conservative” and how CNN defended the new hire. Still, the DNC and others were not pleased with the move. Hell, the DNC won’t even let Fox News host a presidential primary debate by Democrats!

CNN president Jeff Zucker had defended the hire on a Feb. 22 editorial call and asked staffers to keep an open mind. “Let’s not rush to judgment,” he said, according to the network’s Reliable Sources newsletter. “Let’s give everyone a chance.”

As expected, social media comments from the left came fast and furious and continue to be really brutal (see below).

CNN hired Sarah Isgur Flores in February but after the outrage, they demoted her on International Woman’s Day.

She just announced via Twitter that she will be a “political analyst” and not a political editor:

She had been employed by former AG Jeff Sessions. You can imagine how outraged CNN employees and leftists were with the news of her hiring.

Twitter comments after she was demoted by CNN are brutal:

The claims from the left are hardcore which is what we would expect. Comments like, “I’m going over to MSNBC now” are laughable because the credibility over there is lower than pond scum.

The bottom line is that the divide in our country is so huge that the leftists can’t accept a conservative at all. No way, no how.

Just check out a tweet from someone asking if Sarah had “deloused” herself before coming over to CNN:

It’s safe to say that Sarah is in for a rocky road at CNN.


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