Patricia Smith, whose son Sean was killed in Benghazi fired back when CNN host Brooke Baldwin attempted to use her as a prop to destroy Trump’s credibility. CNN even went so far as to place a banner across the screen for most of the interview insinuating that ALL Gold Star families find “Trump repugnant.”

That didn’t stop this CNN host from trying over and over again to trap Pat Smith with her own words. It’s not enough that in her own words she’s been, “treated like dirt”…CNN has to make an example of her with an embarrassing attempt to take down Trump over his comments about Khizr Khan’s parents. Wouldn’t it be great if CNN cared so much about Patricia Smith after Hillary lied to her and told her that her son’s death was because of a VIDEO?

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is no friend to veterans. She was FORCED to apologize after a sick attempt to tie VETERANS to the violence that took place in Baltimore:

Watch here:

Here was her “apology” on Twitter. Who apologizes on Twitter when they are in front of thousands of viewers on a regular basis?

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