The great thing about reality TV’s cop shows is that they show what the police officers really go through every day.

One minute it’s dealing with a domestic argument, and then a moment later, the officer is chasing a carjacker through an alley, not knowing if he’ll be shot.

Now, the media has decided that cop shows aren’t ok and they’re being taken off the air. It’s no longer ok to show the truth of what police officers go through every day trying to keep the peace.

CNN host Brianna Keilar was smirking and laughing throughout her interview with the host of ‘Live PD’ Dan Abrams. This was not an interview. It was more like a biased attack from Keilar.

Curtis Houck tweeted:

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Here’s a snippet of the pathetic and insulting attack on Live PD on CNN earlier today by Brianna Keilar.

She smiled as she bashed the show, mocked Dan Abrams, and dismissed any of the many positives the show brought.

The video below is the most-viewed moments of Live PD:

After the attack, Abrams spoke about the interview with Keilar:

“I’m a big boy, and you know, I came out of this interview kind of feeling bad for her, not because she’s not good at what she does, but because it felt like she had gotten a series of talking points and had never seen the show.”

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