CNN has been earning a reputation over the last decade for being one of the most ridiculously untrustworthy news sources in all of televised journalism, opting to trade integrity and ethical behavior for agenda pushing of the highest order.

The ongoing battle between the network and the White House has now become the stuff of legend, with CNN constantly going after President Trump, lobbing all kinds of accusations at him from every conceivable angle, hoping something will stick and ultimately lead to his impeachment.

Having said all that, host Brian Stelter took to the airwaves Thursday night to concoct a conspiracy theory so far out in left field it shocked even the most ardent member of the tinfoil hat society.

And Twitter had a lot to say about it too.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

On Thursday, CNN’s Brian Stelter pushed a conspiracy theory that would make Infowars’ Alex Jones laugh, claiming that President Donald Trump picked his new National Security Advisor today to distract from CNN’s interview with a playboy model who claimed she had an affair with Trump a decade ago.

Stelter, who regularly attacks conspiracy theorists, said that Trump might have picked former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton to be his new National Security Advisor today because he wanted to take attention away from an unflattering story.

In a tweet, Stelter wrote: “Bolton said he ‘didn’t expect an announcement this afternoon.’ So I can’t help but wonder: Did Trump oust McMaster and hire Bolton to distract from CNN’s interview with Karen McDougal?”

Twitter instantly exploded once Stelter tweeted out the video clip, mocking him for the conspiracy theory. A few examples of responses below:

It’s safe to say that Stelter just got laughed off the digital stage free floating in the middle of cyber space for his extremely nutty theory.

Trump has never shied away from controversy, nor has he ever flinched regardless of what’s being said about him and by whom. He’s just not the kind of guy who backs down from an opportunity to joust verbally, so no doubt he’s looking forward to responding to this lunacy.

It’s time for CNN to hang it up. They are clearly out of their element.

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