CNN’s Alisyn Camerota shocked viewers this morning when she decided to praise President Trump for his accomplishments. She read a list of several successes on-air. Her guest, Democrat Senator Blumenthal, wasn’t having it. He even tried to give the credit to former President Obama!

Camerota started with, “We just threw together this sort of ad hoc list of what the president’s successes have been since he took office. So, it’s by no means complete and you might quibble with some of them, but let me just lay them out for you…She went on to read out the list but Blumenthal bristled at her comments. Watch the exchange below:

Let’s face it, the Democrats will NEVER accept President Trump. The American people have accepted him and will elect him for four more years. They see through the fake news at CNN. They see through politicians like Blumenthal who wants us to believe Barack Hussein Obama is responsible for Trump’s successes.

We see through it and we’re 100% FED Up!

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