The media and their allies in the Democrat Party are doing their best to blame the horrific terror attack on a mosque in New Zealand that left 49 dead, on President Trump and conservative Blexit founder, Candace Owens.

During an embarrassing propagandist segment on CNN’s New Day, anchor John Berman desperately tried to pin Friday’s mosque massacre in New Zealand on President Donald Trump.

At the 6:50-minute mark in the video below, CNN host Allison Camerata talks about how she used to love hearing about criminal investigations, but now, “all that all we know is that there’s an uptick in right-wing terrorism.”

At the 13:50-minute mark, CNN host John Berman asked Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) what he thought about the mosque massacre, questioning him, “I have a question. Does God need to change people’s language? And I ask you that, because this killer apparently in a screed—some people call it a manifesto, said he’s a supporter of President Trump as a symbol of white identity.”

Rep. Kinsinger responded, “I think God needs to change people’s hearts, and I bet he does.” he said. “And he needs to change their language. You cannot put this on President Trump.”

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Again, Berman pushed back on the GOP Congressman, as he shamefully tried to blame President Trump, for a massacre that happened on the other side of the world.

“I’m not putting this on President Trump. There is a one man who pulled the trigger here,” Berman said.

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“The person who is giving a sign of allegiance to President Trump is the killer here,”Berman continued, determined to tie Trump to sick white supremacists around the world. “He called him a symbol of white identity. The language he uses in this manifesto is all about invaders,” Berman claimed.

Berman then tried to tie the mass killing at the Pittsburg synagogue to the killer in New Zealand:“It is all about invaders, which is similar language to the killer at the synagogue in Pittsburgh and language President Trump used in a campaign ad before the midterm election.”

“The word invader means something to white supremacists around the world. Why?” Berman asked.


Now that the Russian collusion fairytale has fallen apart, let’s start blaming Trump for every tragedy that ever happens, even if it happens on the other side of the world.

What do you think? Are you getting tired of hearing the media trying to pin a white supremacist label on President Trump with absolutely no evidence to back it up with? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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