In failing to mention a new report linking a controversial decision by Gov. Cuomo to thousands of deaths inside his state’s nursing homes, CNN continues to ignore news that is harmful to Gov. Cuomo, whose younger brother anchors the network’s most popular show.

The Associated Press reported late Monday that “New York hospitals released more than 6,300 recovering coronavirus patients into nursing homes during the height” of the coronavirus pandemic under a “controversial, now-scrapped policy,” according to Fox News. The AP reported that Cuomo and other state officials argued the decision was “was not to blame for one of the nation’s highest nursing home death tolls,” noting the governor has “taken intense criticism over the policy.”

A search of transcripts revealed that CNN completely ignored the AP report on air Monday and Tuesday with absolutely zero coverage. A search of CNN’s website did not find any digital coverage, either.

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

More than 6,400 deaths have been linked to the coronavirus in New York’s nursing home and long-term care facilities, the AP reported.

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There has been growing scrutiny over the Democratic governor’s order in late March that forced nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive for coronavirus, despite testing deficiencies for both residents and staff. Cuomo signed an executive order on May 11 reversing the policy, stopping hospitals from sending infected patients back to nursing homes and ramping up testing for staff.

CNN’s attempt to hide the AP report comes after weeks of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” namesake, Chris Cuomo, coming under fire for a series of widely panned interviews with his older brother. The Cuomo siblings often joke around, poke fun at each other and have even attempted prop comedy. The CNN host recently admitted he’s “not objective” when interviewing his brother.


Back in May, the CNN anchor attempted prop comedy instead of addressing the nursing home controversy during a 25-minute interview with his older brother. The “Cuomo Prime Time” namesake played a clip of his brother taking a coronavirus test where a nurse placed a cotton swab up his nostril and joked about the size of his sibling’s nose, complete with props.

Chris Cuomo isn’t the only CNN personality to ignore the harsh realities of the New York governor. Recent headlines on CNN’s website include, “Andrew Cuomo may be the single most popular politician in America right now,” “Gov. Cuomo got tested for COVID-19 at a press conference to show how easy it is” and “Andrew Cuomo is down for Robert De Niro to play him.”


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