The 2020 presidential election is only 14 months away, and the leftist media appears to be to ramping up their efforts to make only anti-Trump messaging available to their audiences. CNN, in particular, appears to be sending a message to guests who partake in their panel discussions—if you support President Trump, or even hint that you agree with anything he says or does…you’re no longer welcome on the low-ratings cable news network.

Meanwhile, the new FOX News can’t seem to get enough opinions from Trump-hating hosts like Shep Smith, Neil Cavuto, Juan Williams and debate cheating queen, Donna Brazile.

Less than two years ago, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson trashed the former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile for giving Hillary Clinton the debate questions while she was employed by CNN. Now, Brazile is a regular host on FOX News, where she regularly spews anti-Trump on “The Five” as a guest co-host.

President Trump tweeted about his disgust with FOX News for hiring Donna Brazile, who was fired by CNN for cheating to give Hillary debate questions while she was employed by the anti-Trump network.

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According to the Daily Wire CNN has reportedly benched one of their Latino contributors because he supported President Donald Trump and he pushed back on the far-left network’s attempts to paint the president as being racist ahead of the 2020 election

Steve Cortes, a prominent conservative and Trump campaign surrogate, has not been put on air by the network in over six weeks as the network shifts its coverage of the president from tying everything to “Russia” to trying to cast him as a racist ahead of the upcoming elections.

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A source familiar with the matter told The Daily Wire that CNN’s Steve Cortes met with Trump on Friday at the White House to discuss the situation at CNN.

The source said that Trump, who is “extremely angry” over the matter, had asked Cortes to go to CNN two years ago to combat the network’s narrative, but, with the recent developments at the network, the president no longer sees value in Cortes staying there for the 2020 campaign.

People who work at CNN allegedly told Cortes that the network did not want to have him on air anymore because they could not have a Latino Trump supporter on television pushing back against the network’s attempts to paint the president as a racist.

Three weeks ago, Cortes hosted a Prager University video where he debunked the lie that Trump was praising White Nationalists in the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots. So far, the video has already been viewed almost 3 million times.


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