CNN doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being the most fair, objective, fact based news outlet in the country, but the levels they continue to stoop to in order to push their agenda is hitting all time lows for dishonesty.

The network recently made the claim that there has been one school shooting a week since the beginning of the year, but when you take a look at the standards they are using to reach this conclusion, it’s clear they are reaching.

Breitbart is reporting:

They claim the total number of school shootings sits at “17” for year.

To reach 17, CNN explained that they counted “gang violence,” “domestic violence,” and an “accidental discharge” of a firearm on school grounds, as school shootings. This criteria allowed them to count incidents like the alleged March 2 murder of two parents by their son at Central Michigan University as a school shooting, even though the parents were not students at the university and no one, other than the parents, was targeted or injured.

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It also allowed CNN to count the March 13 accidental discharge of a firearm in a Seaside, California, classroom as a school shooting. KSBW reported that a reserve police officer, who is also a teacher, accidentally discharged a firearm and a male student received “moderate injuries” from bullet fragments that “ricocheted off the ceiling.”

Other similar incidents were counted as school shootings by CNN as well, making actual school shootings like the February 14 Parkland Florida shooting or the March 20 Great Mills High School shooting seem legion.

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The anti-gun group Everytown reported 18 school shootings just before the Parkland incident, but a fact check uncovered that the group was counting suicides where only one person was shot.

Clearly the mainstream media is helping to push the progressive agenda and a big part of that is the push for gun control and ultimately a ban.

It’s becoming more and more critical for consumers of news products to fact check and verify what they are being fed by the media.

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