Wow! Even CNN ripped on Democrats and Nancy Pelosi tonight. The CNN panel mentioned Pelosi’s showboating ceremony where she smiled, laughed and took photos with her fellow Democrats holding their souvenir impeachment pens (see video below).

CNN panel: Pelosi handing out impeachment pens was a “jarring” “celebration”

“I think it was a little off message for someone who has tried to set a very serious tone and here she is posing for photographs with the pens.”

This charade has been a political stunt from the beginning, and Nancy continued to prove this during her “solemn” signing ceremony that was in no way solemn.

Note that Wolf Blitzer chimes in excitedly at the end saying, “They’ll have those pens for the rest of their lives.”

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Nancy Pelosi said impeachment is a “somber and prayerful’ moment (see below) but she sure didn’t look very somber and prayerful during the showboating ceremony where she signed the articles of impeachment. A crowd of Democrats gathered for the signing in a ceremony that followed a day of Pelosi’s gag-inducing rhetoric on the floor of the House (see below).

Watch below as Nancy Pelosi hands out souvenir impeachment pens and poses for photos with her fellow Democrats…sickening.

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Remember this?

PELOSI THEN: “This is a very sad time for our country. This is no joy in this. We must be somber, we must be prayerful.” PELOSI TODAY: Smiling and laughing while signing impeachment.

The souvenir pens…

Earlier today, Pelosi made a lame attempt at being patriotic:

Speaker Pelosi’s attempt at patriotism on the House floor rings hollow just as it does when she speaks about religion.

The phony speech she just gave is difficult to listen to because you know she doesn’t mean it. She lies when she quotes what President Trump said to the Ukrainian President. Adam Schiff lied in the same way in which he said the president asked the Ukrainian President if he could do ME a favor…The truth is that President Trump said, “could you do US a favor.”

This is a woman who is putting politics over the American people to save her own hide.

Her cutesy attempt at patriotism is sickening!

“Listen my children and you will hear about an assault on the Constitution of the United States.”

What a joke!


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