The media is broken. CNN hires people who are so far left and so biased that it feels like you’re watching a Saturday Night Live parody.

The panel on CNN tonight consisted of Van Jones, Terry McAuliffe, and political hack Jess McIntosh. Watch the video below where she makes a derogatory comment about Trump supporters, and the two men on the panel said nothing in response. Pathetic!

CNN commentator Jess McIntosh smears Trump supporters during Super Tuesday coverage.

She suggested Trump supporters do not “genuinely care about their neighbors and their families and the direction of this country”

Absolutely ludicrous.

It goes without saying that Trump supporters are the best! Since the beginning of President Trump’s candidacy, his supporters have endured violence, threats, and intimidation. The media has enabled this behavior from the left. Shame on CNN for their continued effort to smear Trump supporters. What they don’t realize is it makes us even more determined to win in 2020.

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