Reporting from Rep. Ted Lieu’s 33rd District in Los Angeles, a masked CNN Sarah Sidner issued the cable network’s renewed call for their viewers to panic over a spike in positive COVID cases.

While standing in front of a Santa Monica beach in CA, Sidner explained how the state has taken the drastic measure of forcing people to wear face masks while enjoying the outdoors.  Sidner explained that “most folks are adhering to the social distancing” rules and mask-wearing rules, as maskless people are being filmed walking behind her.

CNN reporter Sarah Sidner explained that government officials are warning about the potential for the lack of ICU beds to accommodate a spike in serious COVID cases, saying that they are seeing “disturbing new numbers” of positive COVID patients in the state. As she was warning about the “disturbing” new number of COVID cases, a person who appeared to be part of the massive homeless population in Los Angeles, dropped a large black plastic bag they were carrying and proceeded to take a dump directly behind her right shoulder while the CNN camera was rolling.


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Instead of focusing on the homeless problem in his district or on the massive number of people defecating in public, like the other Democrats who represent the far-left state of CA, Rep. Ted Lieu remains singularly focused on preventing President Trump from winning re-election by using the COVID panic to keep the economy shut down in his state.

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