During his press conference with UK Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday, President Trump rejected CNN activist reporter Jim Acosta’s demands to have his question answered by the President. The President and Prime Minister stood before several rows of reporters, yet CNN’s Jim Acosta, (who should never have been seated in the front row, given the current state of the network, whose “news” show is currently rated lower than the kid’s cartoon, “Sponge Bob Squarepants”) yet, somehow, CNN’s Jim Accosta felt entitled to have his question answered before every other journalist (or so-called “journalists”) at the press event.

As Acosta busted in, President Trump refused to take his question, and instead, offered John Roberts of Fox News the opportunity to ask a question. When the increasingly hostile CNN reporter, Jim Acosta pushed back and demanded his question be heard, President Trump referred to his network as “fake news”.


Liberal journalists, Democrat politicians, and leftists across social media imploded after President Trump embarrassed Jim Acosta, who likely flew all the way to the UK to embarrass President Trump.

CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza attempted to point out the danger of President Trump’s refusal to take Acosta’s question. Perhaps it’s worth reminding whiny liberal activist “reporters” like Chris Cillizza and Jim Acosta, that like every President before him, President Trump is given the opportunity to choose who, from the pool of reporters, they will take questions from.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza, whose hate for President Trump is consistent with the other hosts of the miserably failing network, tweeted a word of caution to his anti-Trump sycophants. Cillizza retweeted Josh Dawsey of the anti-Trump Washington Post who tweeted a quote reminding everyone of President Trump’s public smackdown of the former journalist turned pit-bull activist with a microphone, CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Cillizza tweeted: If you are cheering this, ask yourself what your life would be like with a media that only did things the president liked

Donald Trump Jr. absolutely slayed the CNN host with his response to Cillizza’s tweet, reminding him of the not so distant past. Trump Jr. responded:

It would be just like the Obama years.

While Donald Trump Jr’s comment was sarcastic in tone, the truth is, he is 100% correct. Barack Obama never had to deal with a hostile media. He certainly didn’t have to worry that a hostile media would follow him around the world, hoping for the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the #ResistTrump movement.

In 2017, the Washington Examiner reported that the media’s coverage of President Trump has been overwhelmingly negative, more than three times more critical than the initial coverage of former President Barack Obama and twice that of former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

The Pew Research Center said that the early coverage of Trump was 62 percent negative. By comparison, Obama’s coverage was just 20 percent negative.

In 2018, the negative coverage of President Trump leaped to an astounding and unprecedented 90% negative coverage.

If these journalists want to be treated fairly by the President, perhaps they should start giving President Trump the same respect they gave President Obama, or at a minimum, every single President before him?


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