This had to hurt! The two CNN anchors who have openly been anti-Trump throughout his presidency had to listen to the new numbers showing a “massive” move towards President Trump.

CNN anchor’s Alisyn Camerota and John Berman didn’t hold back with the facial expressions showing their bitterness at the news.

When the analyst says there is a massive movement towards Trump, Camerota asks why…

When the answer is the economy, Camerota had a snarky answer that Trump has convinced people that only he can steer this economy.

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What these news anchors don’t understand is Trump’s great economy is only part of why Americans support him.

He won in 2016 because of the many things he promised to do.

He continues to prove that he’s keeping the promises he made.

His popularity only continues to climb.

His rally in Michigan on the day he was impeached by the House was a huge success:

These Trump supporters were first in line at the Battle Creek, MI rally. They waited over 24 hours in overnight low temperatures of 16 degrees!

Trump supporters camped out overnight in frigid temperatures, hoping to secure a position close to the stage at the rally the next day.

Here’s another video showing thousands of Trump supporters lined up in FREEZING cold temperatures, as they wait to get inside the Kellogg Center:

Last night, hundreds of Michigan residents showed up to hear President Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump speak.

President Trump’s popularity will only climb with more promises made.



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