The CNN video below is shocking because it actually shows something favorable for President Trump on CNN.

President Trump’s economic approval numbers are huge!

He gets a 71% approval rating on jobs and economic approval with only a 25% Republican sample used in the poll.

This number is the highest approval since February of 2001.

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This news along with a shift in tone on Fed policy could be even more great news for President Trump and the American economy:

Fox Business reports no new rate hikes are expected for now.

The message the Federal Reserve is poised to send when its latest policy meeting ends this week is a soothing one. It reflects an abrupt shift in tone since the start of the year in the face of a slowdown in the United States and abroad, persistently tame inflation and a nervous stock market. The shift toward a more hands-off Fed has pleased investors and encouraged the view that the central bank is done raising rates for now and might even act this year to support rather than restrain the economy.

White House Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Kevin Hassett spoke on economic growth:

“We’re 2 for 2”

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