CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten compared polling data for Hispanic voters at this point in the election cycle for 2020 and 2024.

At this point in 2020, Biden led Trump among Hispanic voters 59% to 32%.

In 2024, the gap has decreased from 27 points to 7 points.

According to polling referenced by CNN, Biden currently leads Trump 51% to 44% among Hispanic voters.

“This is the polls at this point among Hispanic voters nationally. At this point in 2020, Joe Biden had a very clear advantage,” Enten said.

“Look at this tremendous shift, oh my goodness gracious. Now to 2024. Biden’s dropped by eight points, 51 percent. Trump is up 12 points to 44 percent,” he explained.

“You have what was a 27-point margin has been shrunk to seven. That margin has been shrunk by 20 points now versus this point four years ago,” he continued.

“It’s no wonder that Donald Trump thinks he can play for the Hispanic vote,” he added.


“Former President Donald Trump has announced the formation of a new campaign coalition aimed at attracting Latino voters disillusioned with the Democratic party and the policies of the Biden Administration,” Canon City Daily Record reports.

“In 2020, we got more votes from Hispanic Americans than any Republican in more than 50 years, and we won the Texas border counties that no Republican candidate had won in more than a century! In 2024, we’re going to win an even larger share of the Hispanic American vote, setting all-time records for Republicans up and down the ballot,” Trump said, according to the outlet.

Trump announced ‘Latino Americans for Trump’ to coincide with his Las Vegas rally.

“Latino Americans for Trump is founded on the fact that with President Trump, the Latino Community in this country has a president who is committed to removing the obstacles that keep minorities from achieving the American Dream,” Team Trump stated.


Canon City Daily Record reports:

The formation of Trump’s newest coalition comes as polling suggests that voters who identify as Latino aren’t feeling nearly as enthusiastic about supporting President Joe Biden for a second term as they did during his first election, and as Biden works to shore up support among the minority voting blocks that propelled him into office in 2020.

A New York Times/Siena poll released in mid-May showed support for Biden slipping among younger Hispanic and Black voters over his continued support of Israel’s war efforts in Gaza.

Trump’s campaign, in announcing the new coalition, said that Latino families are suffering under rising inflation and higher interest rates. The campaign said that U.S. Hispanic-identifying voters prefer immigration policies that support legal immigration and that “consequently, they disapprove of how millions have been allowed to cross the border illegally. Latino voters ‘overwhelmingly’ trust President Trump over Biden on his approach to address border security and immigration.”

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, of Florida, and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas, both of whom ran against Trump in the 2016 Republican Primary, both endorsed the coalition.

“Growing up in a Cuban household taught me the importance of family, faith and the value of honest work. Under President Trump, Hispanics saw the lowest rate of unemployment in history, their small businesses boomed, prices were low, and jobs were abundant. Joe Biden has all but reversed that completely, which is why America needs to elect President Trump come November,” Cruz said in a statement shared by Trump’s campaign.

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