CNN is shocked that Hispanics don’t think President Trump is racist…

CNN’s Nick Valencia spoke with one group of Hispanic voters in El Paso, Texas, who are campaigning hard for the reelection of President Donald Trump:

“There are countless Latinos who support the President but are afraid to admit it.”

Notice that the rhetoric against President Trump is all a lie…

President Trump NEVER said all Hispanics are rapists or murderers! This lie has been pushed by the left since Trump announced his candidacy.

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The CNN reporter seems shocked when the topic of values comes up. He asks “Values? What values does the president have?”

Yes, criminals repeatedly cross our southern border to re-offend and then go back across the border. It’s true.

Below is a longer version of what President Trump had to say about people crossing the border:

President Trump isn’t calling all Mexicans rapists. He talking about the people crossing our southern border.

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