Every day, Joe Biden gives American voters another reason to question his mental capacity.

During a CNN presidential town hall, in Las Vegas, NV, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, with no evidence of his claim, accused President Trump of meddling with cases in the Justice Department. In his efforts to smear President Trump, he falsely claimed his deceased son was Attorney General of the United States.

Biden told the Las Vegas audience, “You should never direct the Justice Department as to who they should or should not indict, and under what circumstances they should or should not. That is an independent decision to be made.”

He added, “I’ll tell you what. My son, one of—,” The former vice president clarified that he was speaking about his deceased son Beau Biden and not the Ukrainian energy board member son, Hunter Biden, “My deceased son was the Attorney General of the United States,” Biden told them.

Beau Biden was never the Attorney General of the United States, he was the Attorney General of Delaware.

Should Joe stay in the presidential race until the DNC convention in July, or is it time for the former VP to save the little bit of credibility he has left, and drop out now?

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