So now CNN is trashing President Trump over a comment he made about making salads. You have to wonder just how far gone they are in their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The nitpicking has just gone to a new low!

President Trump was speaking to the National Champion Clemson Tigers when he mentioned the First Lady and Karen Pence could make “little quick salads” for the team because the employees aren’t working during the shutdown.

Oh my!

You would have thought he’d called for some horrific thing to take place because CNN’s Erin Burnett and Joan Walsh went berzerk calling the remark “appalling” and “incredibly sexist”.

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CNN analyst Joan Walsh says she doesn’t even know why she’s “stuck on this” idiotic attempt at trashing our president. She might want to seek help. There’s nothing to this but a bitter woman who wants to hate on Trump. Yawn…

The Clemson Tigers loved the fun aspect of the meal and enjoyed the visit. The video of their visit showed a happy team who sang and laughed the entire time. No hate…just love.

The government is shut down but the people at CNN want to just nitpick on every little thing President Trump says.

How about the fact that CNN hasn’t had one ‘Angel Mom’ on to discuss the border since January 1. Why not have a REAL debate on the wall? Is it because the left just can’t defend their position anymore?

The Democrats just boycotted another effort by President Trump to come to the table and negotiate. That is a case of the Dems shooting themselves in the foot:

Sarah Sanders just released a statement:

The President has a proposal on the table that includes additional technology at ports of entry, allows minors from Central America to seek asylum in their home country, and physical barriers between ports of entry made of steel instead of concrete.

Today, the President offered both Democrats and Republicans the chance to meet for lunch at the White House. Unfortunately, no Democrats will attend. The President looks forward to having a working lunch with House Republicans to solve the border crisis and reopen the government.

It’s time for the Democrats to come to the table and make a deal.

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