Remember when CNN would continuously tell us that President Trump had no chance in 2020?

And then, oh, how they relished covering the ups and downs of his administration.

But in a jaw-dropping twist of fate, CNN, yes, THE CNN, has just come out with a poll suggesting that Trump could actually, no joke, win in 2024!

Now, I have to wonder: if even CNN is acknowledging this, how deep does the panic run in the Democratic party?

Is THIS why there’s such a determined push to see Trump removed from the ballot?

Is the looming fear of Trump’s resurgence what’s driving all the sensational headlines?

Because they know deep down, when push comes to shove, the man’s a fighter, and he’s got the numbers on his side?

Folks, the same article even goes on to show that voters are feeling pessimistic and divided under Biden’s watch, a far cry from the unity and normalcy he promised.

And yet, Trump, despite all the obstacles thrown his way, is neck and neck with Biden in a hypothetical match-up.

So, let’s play a game of connect-the-dots.

When even your most vocal critic starts hinting at your possible success, you’ve got to wonder if the incessant attacks on Trump are more out of fear than anything else.

Fear that he just might have a roaring comeback, fear that he could once again upset the status quo, and most importantly, fear that the American people might just decide to bring him back for another round.

Now, I’ve always said, you should watch what they do, not what they say.

And right now, it seems like they’re doing everything they can to keep Trump from running.

But why?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because they’ve seen the writing on the wall.

Or in this case, the writing in their own polls.

Oh, how the tables have turned!

CNN confirms:

The devastating verdict voters deliver on President Joe Biden in a new CNN poll is especially stark ahead of the most unprecedented election in modern times. Fourteen months before his fate is decided, Biden’s unpopularity may be brewing the only possible conditions in which a disgraced and anti-democratic ex-president, who might be a convicted felon by Election Day, would be able to squeeze back into power.

It begs the question of how GOP front-runner Donald Trump, whose administration was a four-year cacophony of chaos, scandal and fury, and who tried to cling to power after losing the 2020 election, could be locked in a statistical tie (47% to 46% among registered voters) with Biden after facing 91 criminal charges across four cases.

The chief rationale behind Biden’s bid for a second term is that he is the best positioned Democrat to beat Trump again. But unless political conditions change significantly in the coming months, that narrative may be in doubt.

If the president goes on to lose reelection to Trump – or any other Republican – the warning signs contained in the CNN poll, which mirrors his troubles in other recent surveys but goes far deeper on reasons for his malaise, will have foreshadowed the story of his downfall.

The survey, conducted by SSRS and released on Thursday, paints a picture of a pessimistic and divided nation that is far from experiencing the return to normality that had been promised in 2020 by Biden – a president the country finds neither inspiring nor worthy of confidence.

Biden has frequently been underestimated. And a national poll so far ahead of an election that will be won in a handful of tight battleground states can never predict how it will turn out. There’s an added caveat in 2024: Trump’s multiple looming trials could reshape the electoral terrain significantly.

Now, I always say that actions speak louder than words.

And boy, oh boy, the actions of Democratic voters are screaming volumes!

While us Republicans are solidly behind Trump, ready for the 2024 showdown, Democrats seem to be leaving their main man, Biden, high and dry. Talk about party loyalty!

So, let’s dive right into the details.

A recent CNN and SSRS poll has just revealed that a majority of likely Democratic voters want someone—ANYONE—else to be their nominee.

Yup, you heard that right! While 18% have another candidate in mind, a staggering 82% just said, and I quote, they “just want to see someone besides” Joe Biden. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

It’s like watching the captain of a sinking ship with his crew desperately jumping overboard!

Now, if you’re wondering who the alternative choices are, brace yourself.

Gavin Newsom, potentially, and Marianne Williamson, who, if you remember, also made a run in 2020.

Quite the selection there!

But here’s the zinger: despite all this, Biden is apparently still seen as the best contender to face off against Trump.

Could it be because the other options are… let’s just say, a tad bit unconventional?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Biden, though.

His approval rating is languishing at 39%.

Even more telling?

Nearly 60% believe Biden’s policies have worsened the economy, and 76% are seriously worried that Biden, at the age of 80, might not be fit enough to serve another term.

Even the Wall Street Journal echoes this sentiment, with 73% of voters expressing concerns over Biden’s age.

The Guardian confirms that Biden’s support is fracturing:

A majority of likely Democratic voters say the party should nominate someone other than Joe Biden for president next year, according to a poll released on Thursday.

Two-thirds of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters surveyed by CNN and SSRS from 25 to 31 August said they would prefer someone other than Biden. Among those voters, 18% specified another candidate but the overwhelming majority – 82% – said they “just want to see someone besides” the current president.

Among declared Democratic candidates, however, Biden is seen as the best-positioned to beat the clear Republican favorite, Donald Trump, CNN said. Other contenders include Robert F Kennedy Jr, an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist, and the self-help author Marianne Williamson, who also ran in 2020.

Most observers say the US economy is strong, and note legislative successes for Biden, including the passage of ambitious infrastructure and domestic spending packages. In last year’s midterms, messaging about Republican extremism, particularly on abortion and voting rights, helped Democrats avoid the kind of heavy losses usually suffered by a president’s party.

Polling now shows voters are split on partisan lines when it comes to the merits or otherwise of a likely impeachment effort driven by far-right House Republicans over business deals involving the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

But Biden’s own poll numbers remain stubbornly low. In the new poll from CNN and SSRS, the president’s approval rating was just 39%. Nearly 60% of respondents said they thought Biden’s policies had made economic conditions worse, while 76% said they were seriously concerned that, at 80, the president was too old to serve a full term if re-elected.

That echoed other recent polls, including a survey conducted during roughly the same period and released on Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal. In that poll, 73% of voters said Biden was “too old to run for president” but just 47% of voters said the same about Trump, who is only three years younger than Biden.

So, while Trump, just three years younger, is gearing up for the next round, Democrats are in a tailspin.

Ah, sweet irony!

It’s like watching a drama unfold where one team is rallying around their star player, and the other is, well, doing whatever it is they’re doing.

Too bad, too sad.

Better luck next time, Dems! LOL!”

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