Last night, the very low ratings cable network, CNN put on another drunken spectacle for viewers of all ages.

If you happened to catch clips of the hosts slurring their speech or sharing locker room talk with their general audience, you were most likely stunned by CNN’s decision to once again, allow their hosts to become obliterated throughout the night on live TV.

For the third year in a row, Anderson Cooper and Bravo host Andy Cohen were co-hosts on CNN’s live New Year’s Eve coverage from New York City’s Times Square.

The two gay hosts appeared to be having so much fun together that they forgot they were on television.

During their broadcast of the New Year’s Eve activities below in Times Square, Bravo host Andy Cohen brought up a completely inappropriate discussion Anderson Cooper had with an unidentified woman, saying, “She turned to Anderson and said, ‘He’s not gonna ask me who has the biggest—bleep—of anyone I’ve ever been with, right?'”  For whatever reason, Anderson Cooper, who is arguably CNN’s biggest brand, felt it necessary to fill in the “bleep” with locker room talk.

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“No, it was, she turns to be out of the blue and said, ‘He’s not gonna ask me who has the biggest cock in Hollywood, is she?” Anderson clarified.

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In October 2016, hypocrite Anderson Cooper grilled Melania Trump over a secretive 2005 audio tape that was released revealing locker-room talk between Donald J. Trump and Billy Bush. Although Melania Trump shrugged it off and compared the audio of Donald Trump to teenage boys talking to each other, Anderson Cooper persisted, determined to liken Trump’s locker room talk a criminal act.

Don Lemon, who was again paired up with fellow CNN host Brooke Baldwin, resolved to be even more biased and aggressive in his already embarrassingly anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-Trump supporters coverage.

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